Monday, February 12, 2018

February 11, 2018 Second day in Terciera

 We traveled the other end off the island today. First driving to a cave with volcanic activity in it only to find it wasn;t open on the days we are here. Pretty drive though.
After we passed the cave we drove the perimeter of the island. I don't have a direction because i got turned around and don'tknow north from south or east from west. I can look on google but why? I am on vacation.
Our entire drive was 100 kilometers. When we looked at the google maps we found that we were passed the won we thought we were driving towardds. That is a small distance that looks large on the map.
Not much to report on our trip. Many small towns. Lots of farms with milk cows. Milk is deleivered by pickup truck. We did see on horse drawn milk wagon but no music. (If i were a rich man...).Today(the 12th) we plan to retrace our steps and just hangout. I am sure there is much we have missed.
Bom Dia 

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