Thursday, September 24, 2009

In the beginning

I don't want to "Facebook". I do want to write about my adventures. Since i am going to visit my daughter, Sara, in Korea i thought this a good time to establish a blog.
I could put it on my web site but this is easier. I don't have to work as hard to make it look nice, though i still have to work at spelling and proper typing. Technology can only go so far.
I am a week away from getting on the jet to whisk me off to Seoul, South Korea. My daughter teaches there so i must go there. I would not think of going except for that.
I will take a side trip to Japan in the middle of the week. Last September we hosted a gentleman from Shiga province, Japan (near Kyoto). Since Sara works during the week, i accepted his invitation to visit him for several days. How cool is that?
I will share with you right now that i have fears. Not about the danger that might lurk in Korea but about the new culture and people i will meet. I can get along in German, French and sign my way through Spanish but Korean is sooo different. The people are sooo different that it just makes me fearful. I am sure once there my fears will be unfounded but it is my mind making the game at the moment.
I do have a book of Japanese phrases so that part of my trip is less intimidating. Again, my mind making the game at the moment.
Stay tuned for reality.