Sunday, February 28, 2016


Feb 28
We returned to Traverse City by January 21. Here's why...
The last entry noted that we had a campsite in the Animal Kingdom which we enjoyed much. The next morning we left the camp ground and drove to the Kingdom parking lot. Then board a tram for the front gate to the Kingdom. It all seemed De'ja' Vu. We spent several hours walking around in 55 degree weather with no sun feeling like we were here before and not enjoying a thing. We constantly asked each other if we had been here but couldn't remember when it might have been. Finally, we gave up the uncomfortable weather and the cold and the familiarity and drove south to Key West. A matter of 5 hours.
We arrived on a key short of Key West in hopes of finding a reasonably priced campsite for the evening. "When you are in the Keys, there is no reasonable", said our host for that evening. $102. We got a bargain sinc e we were firt put in a site with no electric. When we moved to the other availabel site it backed on tot he water and we should have paid for the "view" at $125. But is was her mistake.
From the to Key West and a walk around the town plus a hot dog i couldn't eat.. Did i tell you i got ill right out of St. Petersburg and couldn't eat a thing? Well the hot dog didn't work either and that was three days after i developed symptoms. Brittany wore her uniform and enjoyed the visit to the Sloppy Joe's.
  We left Key West after a two hour walk. Then drove to Ocalla, Fla. home to Nancy's brother and, hoped for, warmer weather. No such luck! Still no sun and cold. I continued to cough and hack up stuff and not want to do a thing 'cept sleep... and cough, etc. We met up with Nancy.
Her Brother's place is beautiful with 5 Acres or Oak hung with Spanish Moss, which we found out kills the oak eventually. Pretty but lethal. Again, no sun and cool temps. Great hospitality but i was fading fast. We spent two nights there than saw a break in the weather and headed for home as fast as our vehicle could take us. We drove, as we had done from the beginning two hours on, two hours off. We stopped in hotels for the trip. It just made it more comfortable. We were on a mission. 
During our drive home the worst weather we encountered was rain. Cold rain. Otherwise, an uneventful trip until Cadillac, Mi. 45 minutes, in good weather to home and a soft bed to recoup.
Two hours later we arrived home and i slept. The doctor said i might have had viral pneumonia and i still feel the effects today. Though i feel a million times better  after medication.
We didn't find what we expected but had a good time finding what we got. Pictures here