Monday, July 31, 2017

Travel eve

Oh boy! The night before we leave on an epic journey to Portland, Oregon. We have packed as much as we thought we should. We have washed clothes and packed again. We have not thought that we will travel highways for most of the trip. We didn't look at the fact that we will not leave civilization yet we seem to have packed as though we had a Conestoga wagon and will challenge the Oregon trail.
The Oregon trail stretches from St. Louis to Oregon City, Oregon. The web tells me it measures 2,100 miles, or so. By looking at the map, i think we will cover that and a little more. We expect to take 11 days to reach Portland. Then to visit with my daughter and , hopefully, My new grandchild. Then, off to Gunnison, Colorado for a visit with my son and his family. After that a short hope to either Grand Island, Nebraska or Carbondale, Illnois to Witness the eclipse. Why "either", you may ask? Weather!
Then home by the 23rd to 25th.
The plan says we will see Yellowstone Park, Jackson Hole, Devil's Mountain(dah dee dah doe doo), Sturgis, Mt. Rushmore, and more, much, much, more. WE have learned from other trips that you schedule a day at a location then drive a day then sightsee again. That way we actually see something rather than the road passing by.
Oops, see how the time flies? I have to check my packing again and the snack larder and whatever else i have checked several hundred times before!

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